Road trip in California: from San Francisco to Los Angeles

The United States was one of the last stages of my round the world trip, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to do a road trip in California, along the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Famous for its breathtaking scenery, the Pacific Coast Highway is a fantastic alternative to the simple flight you can take between the two cities. With its steep coastline, beautiful beaches scattered along the coast and charming small seaside towns, I had always dreamed of doing a road trip along this road and I knew that this trip would be a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Road trip USA

San Francisco

So we started with a few days in San Francisco and what a start! This city is great and I strongly advise you to stop there. We were staying in the heart of San Francisco, in Union Square. Accommodation can be very expensive so I advise you to book well in advance. There is a lot to do, the Golden Gate Bridge, taking a tram along the steep streets, Chinatown, the hippie district of Haight and Ashbury, Golden Gate Park, the famous Alcatraz prison, shopping and so much more. It is very easy to travel by bus, tram or even by bike but beware of steep streets!

The Pacific Coast

After 3 days in San Francisco we got the rental car back, and the road trip starts! We have chosen to follow the coast, which is beautiful. Here are the stops I recommend.

First stop, Monterey and Carmel-By-The-Sea. In terms of accommodation, Monterey is much cheaper but Carmel is a small art deco town much more charming by the sea.

Then between Carmel and San Luis Obispo, you will follow the coast on the famous road with bridges and breathtaking landscapes. Take your time and keep an eye on the sea, we have seen whales off shore and many dolphins! Stop near San Simeon, there is a beach covered with elephant seals. They are there all year round and there are hundreds of them, it’s very impressive, noisy and smells great! Not far from there is Hearst Castle, which is apparently interesting to visit. San Luis Obispo is a student city and if, like us, you have the chance to be there on a Thursday, you can visit the night market with concerts and shows, food of all kinds and a good atmosphere.

The next stop is Santa Barbara, the first typical Californian beach with its palm trees, pier and shops for shopping. Housing can be very expensive so stay a few kilometres away if you want to save.

Los Angeles

And finally Los Angeles. There’s a lot to do here. We started with the not-to-be-missed Hollywood looking for Walk of Fame Stars and celebrities. Take a walk in the hills, in Beverly Hills, Bel Air to see the extraordinary mansions and villas. I recommend Santa Monica with its well-known pier. Then park in Venice Beach, rent bicycles and walk along the beach. You will meet bodybuilders, very talented skaters, small shops of all kinds. There is also an alternative hippie side. Newport Beach is also a very nice beach where you can also rent bicycles.

Further south of Los Angeles, where we stayed for a short week, Laguna Beach is a beautiful beach with surfers, basketball and volleyball players, many small cafes and friendly restaurants on the beach and in town. You will see many dolphins also not far from the surfers, taste the best fish tacos in San Clemente. Here you can rent paddle boards and kayaks, as well as in Dana Point. Not far from there, discover the San Juan Capistrano Mission, a quite interesting historical site.

And finally, don’t forget to eat a burger and milkshake in a “Diner” as you’ve seen hundreds of them in your favourite series, a pile of pancakes covered with maple syrup for breakfast, enjoy unlimited drinks/coffee in restaurants and many other American clichés! Be careful, at first sight the prices do not seem very expensive but it is always necessary to add taxes of about 10-15% and also the tip of about 10-15% also…

As for hotels, it’s really not cheap either. I booked my hotel in Los Angeles about two weeks in advance, so I probably didn’t get the best rates. So a little advice, book your hotel as soon as possible.

Interested in a road trip to California?

For this itinerary, I recommend a minimum of 10 days. Renting a car gives you a lot of freedom. If you are a surfer or want to learn, there is no shortage of beaches for that. The landscapes are beautiful, the roads wide and they drive to the right too, which makes the task easier. If you have more time, I also advise you to make a detour via the large parks such as Yosemite, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. For my part, it will be for another time!


Bali, bali, bali… what can I tell you… the emotion of returning to this island that I love so much, which was a real favorite 3 years ago, the emotion of reviewing the landscapes that have marked me like the rice terraces.

We first slept 2 nights in Ubud which is one of my favorite cities in Bali (after Canggu obviously ahah) the hotel was the most beautiful of the trip, the view on the rice fields of my room, the swimming pool in the middle of the palm trees etc, it was clearly beautiful, then, we finished the stay in Seminyak for my greatest pleasure: shopping ahah !


– The terraces of the Tengalan rice fields: we made a bike trip to get there, with the heat I must admit that it was quite difficult but we quickly forget when we find ourselves facing this sick landscape. The little something I hadn’t done and that I really liked: to get away from the tourist views and walk around the rice fields “flat” this time with our bicycles!

Ubud market: it is a little unavoidable in Ubud, it is the cheapest market on the island, it is here that you will do the best deals

Attend a local dance at Ubud Palace for example

– Get a massage: massages are an institution in Bali and the prices are so low that you can get a massage every day !


Shopping: ahah Seminyak is clearly the place to shop with many brands that we don’t have in France and that are all hotter than the others: Magali Pascal, Lulu Yasmine, Mr Blonde, Palma Australia etc… Regarding prices, however, it is not here that you will do good business.
Spend the day at the Sunday Beach Club in Uluwatu which is only 1 hour from Seminyak if traffic is good! Bali is not famous for its beaches, the sand is black and the beaches dirty enough, and Uluwatu has the most beautiful beaches on the island with turquoise water, a real paradise
– Spend the day in a pool club all day in the pool sipping your ahah cocktail like Potato Head or Mrs Sippy


Ubud: Milk and Madu, Watercress Ubud, Kismet restaurant

Seminyak: Café Organic, Kind Community and all the addresses more unstable than the others

– Sofitel de Nusa Dua

Local food on Jimbaran beach from seafood sins the same day at Menaga restaurant (and not get sick like me ahah)


Plataran, Ubud
– Montigo, Seminyak